Date: April 24, 2020
Location: Catalunya
Type of action: Online action


In Catalonia, Marxa Mundial de Les Dones-Catalunya articulated three themes in its online mobilization: the denunciation of environmental and human rights damages caused by transnational corporations, the denunciation of the business of caring for the elderly and the defense of climate justice.

Big companies like Endesa, Naturgy, Iberdrola, Agbar are trying to sell their “green capitalism” and their concern with climate change. With this, they try to hide human rights violations and environmental damage caused by their activities in the Global South region and ensure the maintenance of their business in the management of essential goods. “Water and energy are essential goods for life and their management cannot be a business”, publishes MMM-Catalonia.

One of the serious aspects of Covid-19 in the Spanish state was the death of elderly people in retirement homes. “This tragedy, however, has been going on for years,” says MMM Catalunya. “Multinationals and funds of vultures like DomusVi, Amavir, Orpea, ACS, Sacyr, Eulen, among others, run a 2.5 billion euro business,” the nursing home business. “Privatization and the mercantilization of health and care make us more vulnerable and place on women the burden of sustaining lives.” Neither health nor education can be business! We advocate a public, universal, quality and democratic health system.

The Marxa is participating tonight in the 2020 Rebelión por el clima, a movement for climate and social justice that is going to manifest from windows and balconies.

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