Date: April 24, 2020
Location: Palestine
Type of action: Online action

Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Kurdistan

The coordinators of the World March of Women in North Africa and the Middle East published today the statement “Against the coronavirus epidemic and against the capitalist epidemic, we will continue to fight and win.” They remember Rana Plaza, speak of the precariousness of work, the exposure of women workers to the coronavirus pandemic, violence against women and the spread of coronavirus among the political prisoners in the region’s jails.

The women of the WMW in Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Kurdistan tell us that they are mobilising for the 5th International Action and salute the women of the world, including women workers in their continuous struggle against capitalism, imperialism, occupation, violence, discrimination and political persecution. They confirm their struggle for the goals set by the World March of Women at its last international meeting in October 2018, based on the principles and values of the Women’s Charter for Humanity. They note that the economic and social policies of their countries are a source of poverty, hunger, unemployment, illiteracy and violence against women. “Women fight on the margins of cities and towns for the right to land and water, for access to the right to education, health and work in order to live with dignity, women workers fight against exploitation, conservatism and patriarchal domination.”

They salute the political prisoners of the region’s authoritarian regimes, Palestinians, Kurds and Moroccans, and demand their release. Finally, they salute all the oppressed women of the world and the peoples who are eager to be free, in their struggle against globalisation, Zionism and US imperialism, which is destructive of human rights. And they repudiate the imperial wars, especially the French ones, to plunder the wealth of Africa and to violate the right of the peoples to decide their destiny.

Besides making the the statement, they published messages from sisters from the MENA region and held an online meeting with the countries that are part of it.