WMW Philippines resisting and unmasking Duterte’s government

Date: October 17, 2020
Location: Philippines
Type of action: Online action

Philippines WMW resisting and unmasking Duterte's government

In the Philippines, the World March of Women held an online broadcast to celebrate the closing of the 5th International Action. The women also released the statement "Filipino Women Resist Exploitation, Capitalism and Authoritarianism" unmasking the Duterte government and its responsibility for the impact of the pandemic on women and the Filipino people.

"(..) it is time to unmask and remove the shield of lies of this government. It is time to make Duterte and his government accountable to the people. Women have always been and shall continue to be in the forefront of struggles against economic marginalization and political oppression. In struggle and solidarity we shall prevail. This is what history has borne out. This is what our story shall continue to bear out."

We resist to live, we march to transform!