24 Hours Of Feminist Solidarity Against the Power Of Transnational Corporations

The 24 Hours of Feminist Solidarity of the World March of Women Against the Power and Impunity of Transnational Corporations was held in April 24th. Every April 24th the World March of Women is committed to unite around the world to denounce the actions of transnational corporations that exploit and destroy women’s lives. The action begun in New Caledonia and 32 countries and territories participated.

We are facing the Covid-19 pandemic and the authoritarianism of many governments, and we have set ourselves the challenge of mobilizing while maintaining the necessary social distance for prevention. We do so with our memories of the thousands of women who died and others who were injured in the collapse of the Rana Plaza towers in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013.

This year, as we celebrate 20 years since the World March of Women first took to the streets in 2000, the activity was part of the 5th International Action 2020.

We want to make visible the alternatives we are building against the capitalist, patriarchal, racist, colonialist power of these corporations, which accumulate more resources than many countries.

The power of transnational corporations is legitimized by the extreme right forces, which reinforce authoritarianism and violence against people in the territories. Our feminist alternatives are a way of resisting and presenting, through concrete practices, the possibilities of changing the world and the lives of women in the same movement.

We resist to live, we march to transform!

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