Action Areas

Short text of what action areas are and how documents were constructed.

The common good and public services

The common good describes specific “goods” that are shared by and beneficial for all (or for most) members of a given community, such as the basic requirements for living with dignity: food, water, land, housing, knowledge and public services (education, health, energy, etc)

Peace and Demilitarisation

Conflicts are not all alike: there are colonial conflicts; aggression conflicts; occupation conflicts; religious fundamentalist conflicts, such as communalism; conflicts orchestrated by dictators against their populations. Many conflicts are justified to the outside world as ethnic conflicts between tribes or groups within a country or region, while the true economic reasons remain hidden. In reality, many conflicts are lucrative / economic conflicts provoked in order to control natural resources and the riches they promise, and to bolster the arms, private militia and homeland security industries. 

Violence against women

Violence against women is structural – it is an inherent feature of the patriarchal and capitalist systems – and is used as a tool of control of the lives, bodies and sexuality of women by individual men, groups of men, patriarchal institutions and States. Although it affects all women as a social group, each violent act has a specific context, and we have to understand how, when, and why violence against women occurs.

Women’s Work

For women, economic autonomy refers to their capacity to support themselves and their dependents, and to decide the best way to do so. Economic autonomy is therefore much broader than financial autonomy, in that it also includes access to social security and public services.