How we work

The World March of Women is an international, feminist action movement connecting grass-roots groups and organisations working to eliminate the causes at the root of poverty and violence against women. The WMW is an autonomous, multicultural, multiethnic, pluralist and independent movement.

International Actions, in every 5 years, are moments for strengthening our identity as a movement. Being “on the march” expresses the idea of moving ahead freely, without constraints. It expresses the strength of collectively-organised women in associations, groups, and movements; women with diverse experiences, political cultures, and ethnicities but who have a common goal, which is to overcome the current unjust order that provokes violence and poverty. Part of our identity is also our international solidarity and the fact that we are attentive to what happens to our sisters in other parts of the world.

The WMW is composed of National Coordinating Bodies, active Participant Groups, and sympathisers. National Coordinating Bodies (NCBs) bring together active Participating Groups in a specific country/territory – are the WMW organisational structure at national level. The WMW recognises nations struggling for self-determination, who are able to form NCBs in accordance with the request of local active Participating Groups.

Active Participating Group must be an autonomous women’s group, a women’s committee within a mixed group (groups in which both men and women participate) or a mixed organisation that does not have a women’s committee but within which a women’s group is responsible for the WMW leadership. To become an active participating group, contact the NCB from your country/territory.

Constitution and bylaws