We support and defend the decision expressed in the electoral process in Guatemala!

The World March of Women, a feminist organization with presence in 15 territories of Abya Yala, Our America, salutes the triumph of the Guatemalan people in the last presidential elections and its candidate: Bernardo Arevalo and Karin Herrera.
In these moments when we are informed of anti-democratic maneuvers, we are with the Mayan women, the rural and urban workers, the youth and in general with all the people that make life in Guatemala who decided to give their vote of hope to the Seed Movement, especially we support the sisters of our Guatemalan coordination, friends we are with Guatemala.
Democracies are built with the voices of the people and in Guatemala, the people spoke loud and clear at the polls last Sunday and said No to the pretensions of the conservative oligarchy and its criminal alliance with corporate neoliberalism to persist in power. If there is any dignity left in those who represent this option, they should recognize the only legitimate president: Bernardo Arévalo and his only legitimate vice president Karin Herrera.

From the World March of Women we reject all attempts to silence the decision of the Guatemalan people. We condemn the political and judicial persecution of the leadership and activists of the Seed Movement, as well as the legitimately elected president and vice-president. We hope that the institutions that represent the public authorities honor their commitments to truth and law and do not allow a judicial coup d’état to be carried out on the basis of crude technicalities. We condemn once again the complicit silence of the international media. Finally, we urge social movements around the world to be vigilant and to raise their voices for Guatemala through communiqués, solidarity demonstrations in embassies or mobilization.
We congratulate the winning binomial of the second round: President Bernardo Arevalo and Vice President Karin Herrera.
We support and defend the decision of our sisters and brothers expressed at the polls.
Guatemala deserves to flourish and the seed party and its leaders are the hope and commitment for this rebirth.

WMW Americas, august 2023.