We Women will March until Palestine is Free from River to Sea! 

International Webinar on Palestine on March 22

We Women will March until Palestine is Free from River to Sea! 

We, as World March of Women, are inviting all sisters to join us in the international webinar which we will hold on March 22 at 2 pm for the Palestine time zone to amplify the voices of those directly impacted by the crisis, providing a platform for eyewitness accounts and firsthand testimonies from Palestinian women and activists.

As part of the webinar speakers including Tahrer Jaber, Yıldız Temürtürkan, and Morgan Ody, will lead discussions on the multifaceted dimensions of the crisis. Representatives from Palestine, including Nerima Bajawi, Ruba Assi, and Maryam Abu Daqqa, will provide firsthand insights into the challenges faced by Palestinian women amidst the ongoing violence and oppression.

The webinar, scheduled to commence at 14:00 Palestine time, aims to galvanize international support for the Palestinian cause and mobilize collective action against colonialist, capitalist, and patriarchal oppression. By highlighting the voices of those on the frontlines of the struggle, the webinar seeks to emphasize the sense of urgency of the situation and show solidarity in the fight for Palestinian freedom.

📅 Date: March 22 

🕒 Time:

  • 13:00 North Africa
  • 14:00 Palestine
  • 15:00 Turkey

🎙️ Speakers:

  • Moderator: Tahrer Jaber
  • WMW International Coordinator: Yıldız Temürtürkan
  • La Via Campasina International Coordinator: Morgan Ody
  • Palestine Representatives:
    • Nerima Bajawi (Agriculture)
    • Ruba Assi (Female prisoners)
    • Maryam Abu Daqqa (Women’s situation)

You can register for our webinar via this link;


* In this poster, we have used a painting by the Palestinian painter Sliman Mansour. In the 1980s, Mansour faced the confiscation of his paintings by Israelis, accompanied by directives prohibiting the depiction of the Palestinian flag. In response, Mansour and his fellow artists defiantly adopted the watermelon as a symbol of Palestinian resilience and identity.