World March of Women Brasil Prepares for its 3rd “Nalu Faria” National Meeting in July

The World March of Women (WMW) in Brazil is preparing for its 3rd National Meeting, “Nalu Faria,” scheduled from July 6 to 9 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. This event is set to gather a thousand women from twenty states where the movement is active, once again showcasing the power and historic struggle of the March.

Key Themes and Activities

The meeting will focus on three main themes: analyzing the current situation, building alternatives, and organization. Preparation and training meetings are being held across the 20 states where the movement is present, featuring conversation circles, joint efforts, debates, fairs, and batucada.

Previous national meetings took place in Belo Horizonte (2006) and São Paulo (2013). These gatherings are crucial for debating and deepening the movement’s action fields, covering topics such as the minimum wage, food sovereignty, anti-racism, body and sexuality freedom, non-sexist education, and international feminist solidarity.

Addressing Current Challenges

This year’s meeting aims to develop new strategies in response to the growing conservative wave in Brazil and globally. The region is witnessing a backlash from the extreme right against popular struggles and governments. In Brazil, this reaction manifested in the 2016 coup against President Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s imprisonment, and Bolsonaro’s 2018 election. Although Lula was re-elected in 2022, the extreme right remains active, challenging transformative possibilities.

Honoring Nalu Faria

The meeting is named in honor of Nalu Faria, a founder, feminist, and socialist leader who played a significant role in establishing the WMW. Her contributions to national and international feminist coordination processes make her a key reference in Brazil and worldwide. Her legacy continues to inspire the fight for popular and anti-systemic feminism.

Future Goals

The 3rd National Meeting also serves as a preparation for the 6th International Action of the WMW, set for 2025 under the theme “We will continue to march against wars and capital, for popular sovereignty and good living.” This action aims to strengthen popular feminism and its alliances.

Adriana Vieira, from the WMW’s national coordination and a militant in Rio Grande do Norte, emphasized the meeting’s significance:

"The meeting will take place at an important moment in the national and international context. We need to stay on the streets because the struggle doesn't stop. There are a thousand women coming from all over Brazil and also with international representation, demonstrating our strength. We have much to build and collaborate on to change the world and women's lives.”

Stay tuned for updates and join the movement in celebrating and advancing the fight for women’s rights and social justice.