We resist to live, we march to transform!

Call for the 5th International Action of the World March of Women

20 years after the launch of the World March of Women, we call on women in movements from around the world to join our 5th International Action, from March 8 to October 17, 2020.

Anchored in our feminist experience of struggle and rebellion, we confront authoritarian and reactionary escalation of capital: we resist to live! From our practices, utopias and hopes, we march to transform!

We resist the destruction of life by capital. We are standing up to the power of transnational companies, direct agents of capital, allied to the elites in the States, which advance over territories, monopolize, control and privatize the land, transform nature into a commodity, and contaminate water, food and our bodies. We resist trade and investment treaties that reform legislation to maintain impunity of corporate power and dismantle labor and social rights. We resist the financialization and precarization of life, we defend the strengthening of the real economy. We march to transform the forms of work organization that produce life, with equality, rights and dignity.

We resist violence against women in all its patriarchal, racist and colonialist dimensions; aggression and plundering of territories, bodies and communities, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and feminicide. We resist the alliance of conservatism – religious or not – with neoliberalism, which guides the policies of the right all over the world. We resist the imposition and exaltation of motherhood as the only destiny of women, reinforcing a hetero-patriarchal model of family based on the concealment of our domestic and care work that sustains life in a system that treats us like commodities. We resist persecution of dissident sexualities and the criminalization of abortion. We march for our autonomy and freedom which can only be achieved with social justice.

We resist patriarchal and racist capitalism that imposes borders and walls, attacks large contingents of people, expels them from their territories and, at the same time, denies them basic rights to housing, circulation, food and political freedom, while promoting all types of war. We resist war, militarization and transnational armies, tools of terror, systematic rape and murder of peoples and social fighters. We resist racist nationalism by building the sovereignty and integration of peoples. We march for peace in alliance with the social movements to build the internationalist solidarity we need in this time of resistance. Only our common action would stop the attacks of capital against life!

We march to transform our lives and change the world! We propose and build other ways of organizing the economy, putting the sustainability of life at the center. From our practices we build feminist agroecology, articulated with struggles for climate justice and food sovereignty. We march to transform power organization, building it from the ground the questioning of the hierarchies and authoritarianisms of States at the service of the elites. We wage on the construction of counter-hegemonic and popular communication, on free and safe technologies that confront control, manipulation and surveillance of capital and its corporations. We are marching to depatrialize power, to broaden public sense of State to popular democracies in which equality is a principle and a reality.

We march against racism, for a society without walls and for the self-determination of peoples, building an internationalist, popular and militant feminism on a daily basis. We continue to learn with the indigenous and black peoples ways of thinking and feeling the world that sustain life in community and cultivate the joy of resistance.

We march with our bodies, voices, rhythms and creativity, subverting the neoliberal impositions on our subjectivities and ways of life. From the struggle and the commons we can build relationships of freedom and equality.

This 5th International Action marks 20 years of building the World March of Women, an anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-colonialist feminist movement, self-organized from the bottom up by women from all over the world. We reaffirm the values of equality, freedom, justice, peace and solidarity, pillars of society we strive to build. We reinforce our commitment to move forward together until we are all free.

In times of racist and patriarchal authoritarianism, we transform our indignation into struggle, convinced that the expansion of our permanent self-organization is the strategy from which we will find answers and ways to end capitalism. To transform this society into a society where life is at the centre.

We resist to live, we march to transform!

#resistAndtransform #wmw