Declaration of october 12, 2020 of the World March of Women – Francophone Africa

At the closing of our 5th International Action, women from nine countries of French-speaking Africa gathered and prepared a short and powerful declaration in defence of our lives and territories against capitalist plundering.

We are The Earth Family of Africa, on a planet that we want to be healthy and that will only be healthy if we preserve our diversity.

Our health and that of our region, our continent, and our planet, are interconnected: what affects one affects the other.

For this reason, we, African Women, have decided to be linked by health by protecting our lands that are home to fauna and flora soiled by diseases and ravaged by monocultures imposed by greedy multinationals; in complicity with our governments; working only for commercial profits; manipulating plants and animals, even humans, for rocks!

We African women; Malian, Burkinabe, Algerian, Beninese, Ivorian, Togolese, Mauritanian, Guinean, Congolese, Tunisian, Saharawi and Nigerian women; let’s say STOP! to our connection through hunger and poverty, STOP! to our connection through poisons and sickness and ENOUGH! to neocolonialism and neoliberalism which exploit us as raw material.

We African women, we resist and march for the protection of the diversity of our ecosystems, to protect our biodiversity, our integrity, our sovereignty, our self-organization and those of all living beings!

We resist to live, we march to transform!

Solange Kone- Cote D’Ivoire
Guedegbe Innocentia- Benin
Nanan Aicha cisse- Mali
Ouedraogo Therese- Burkina Faso
Pierette d’Almeida-Togo
Amina Cheballah: Algerie
Yasmina Chouaki -Algérie (Association Tharwa N’fadhma Nsoumer)
Lynda Jouahar –Algérie (Collectif Assirem/espoir)
Ruth Ekout: République démocratique du Congo
Therese Kulungu; République démocratique du Congo
Mariam Moussa: Niger
Saran Diwara: Guinée