International Declaration of the World March of Women – March 8, 2023

We, as the World March of Women, are proud to celebrate International Day of Women’s Struggle, on March 8th, 2023, by means of honoring the working women who firmly stood up as strong resistance and opposition in full determination against capitalism, in the beginning of the twentieth century. 

With our firm belief in international feminist solidarity, we clearly see that taking this opportunity to honor the origins of this important date in the calendar of feminist struggles will further strengthen us in the ongoing process of building our grassroots feminism and will also re-establish our stance against the co-optation of this date by neoliberalism.

We live in a time when the global right offensive has been reorganized to consolidate fascism around the world, the offensive of the imperialist and conservative powers, by means of disputing democracies, and thus, eventually with their attempt to stop the advances of the popular resistance of women and peoples.

We denounce the corporate power of transnational extractive corporations, such as the war and pharmaceutical industries, which control our territories, lives, political work, bodies, subjectivities, and sexualities.

We actively fight against the rise of authoritarianism and the conservative and fundamentalist forces that have threatened the rights for which we stand and fight for. New forms of colonialism are also reflected in migration policies that reinforce racism and xenophobia, borders, the criminalization of refugees, and the growing economic, political, and financial blockade of peoples, the governments of whom would not yield to the interests of this predatory system.  

The women and peoples of the world have never stopped fighting, even in the face of projects of assassination and criminalization of social movements. In this context, we highlight our resistance, alternatives, and proposals to transform the world, prioritizing and thus placing life at the center.

We continue to defend our bodies and territories in opposition to the dynamics of commodification of nature, and we support food sovereignty and agroecology. We believe that it is possible to establish social relations in harmony with nature, based on reciprocity, where care is shared.

With our 25-year history of the internationalist movement, we have reaffirmed the power of our territorial, regional, and global organization as the strength of our action, through the popular organization, popular education, and feminist and popular communication processes, in the construction of collective strategies.

We have resisted and bet on processes that strengthen feminist agendas in alliance with other social movements to construct popular sovereignty, sharing our knowledge and practices.

We will continue on the march to achieve political, economic, and social changes and build a better world for all people. In this year, in which we will hold our 13th International Meeting, we reaffirm:

The Strength of Feminism to transform the world. Until we are all free!