International Declaration of the WMW: March 30th, 2023: Palestinian Land Day

On the 30th of March, Palestinian Land Day, we support the struggle of Palestinian peoples for their right to self-determination and their right to live on their land.

This year, as the peoples of the world witness increasing capitalist exploitation of resources, thus causing unprecedented economic crises, Palestinians face fascist attacks by the israeli occupation forces. The political, economic, social, and environmental crises reveal the way in which this profit-driven system is destroying our lives, in light of the militarization of the world and the control of a consumerist system centered on the interests of transnational corporations and imperialist states.

On this day, Palestine – the land, the people and the history – is under constant attack, as the Israeli occupation authority carries out violations on a daily basis targeting the demolition of homes in the city of Jerusalem, commercial establishments and “barracks” under fake pretexts, given that these houses were built without permits. Nonetheless, the occupying state uses these arbitrary measures against Jerusalemites in order to increase the pressure on them, and to empty the city of its people and change its demographic reality. This is taking place in addition to the violations against the sanctities in Jerusalem witnessing an escalating trend of violations targeting Islamic and Christian sacred sites.

The Palestinian Land Day this year comes in light of the ongoing settler attacks, injuries, arrests, and an ongoing siege on West Bank areas such as Hebron, Nablus, and Jenin. Settler gangs calling themselves “The Hills Youth” and “Price-Tag” emerged, attacking Palestinian homes and properties, and occupying more lands to expand the settlement project in the West Bank in particular. The Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank also witnessed the most violent Israeli military operation in months, in which civilians were targeted, homes demolished, and daily closures led to the deterioration of daily life.

The rise of the ultra right wing in the world, paves the way for the Zionist occupation to steal Palestinian land, oppress its people, and weaken the Palestinian society. 

Our Solidarity with Palestine during the year’s commemoration of Land Day calls for: 

  • Solidarity with the Palestinian people defending its land
  • Acknowledging that all settlements are illegal
  • The lecessity of lifting the siege on Gaza Strip
  • The Palestinian People’s right to sovereignty over its land
  • The freedom and safety of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons. 
  • Strengthening the boycott movement for Israel as an occupying and apartheid state

On this Palestinian Land Day, we support the struggles of Palestinian women, in their everyday lives, against patriarchal, fascist oppressive Zionist forces.

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