Statement of the WMW: The new Zionist war on Gaza

Statement of the WMW: The New Zionist War on Gaza 

Since last Tuesday, and for four days now, Gaza has been subjected to a violent Zionist attack through hundreds of air and sea raids, which led to massacres against the Gazans, especially children, and women. 

According to the Ministry of Health announcement in Gaza, the bombing killed 30 people and wounded more than 93, while the number of martyrs since the beginning of the year has reached 130 persons.

Five buildings were completely demolished, with 19 housing units, in addition to the partial demolition of 314 units. Of them, 28 are uninhabitable, and 286 are partially damaged. 

The Zionist occupation has named its criminal attack on Gaza the “shield and arrow,” destroying agricultural lands and vegetable and poultry farms, and causing the suspension of the entire fishing sector, due to the aggression. The crossings were closed to goods as well as to patients, which led to a shortage of fuel supplies, announcing a possible prolonged power outage in the Strip. 

The recurring and criminal wars waged by the Zionist army every once in a while on Gaza are only part of its continuous attempts to break the besieged strip that has been resisting for decades and to prevent the Palestinians from resisting, whether in the occupied territories, in Gaza, or the West Bank. 

We stand in the World March of Women with Gaza and its people who endure the most difficult forms of settler colonialism and its brutal war machines, and we support its right to resist and break the decades-long siege. The presence of the Israeli occupation on the land of Palestine, in its continuous practices of plundering land and resources, killing Palestinian women and men, and erasing their history, is only a short stage in the history of the steadfast Palestinian people in Palestine and the diaspora. 

Solidarity with Gaza and its people, all glory to the martyrs and the resistance.