“Together We Build a Feminist Economy” training will be start on 6th June 2023 in Georgia.

In May 2022, the feminist organization World Women’s March (WMW) organized the Balkan Feminist Organizational School in Cappadocia, Turkey, attended by women’s organizations from Georgia, Sasomkheti, and Balkan countries and representatives of women involved in the agricultural sector. This was the first step in putting forward a feminist economics theme based on the sustainability of life and food sovereignty. All participants shared the need for a feminist economy as an alternative to the mainstream capitalist economic system and expressed their determination to advance this organizing process in the region.

Between June 6th and 9th, 2023, new training will be held in Georgia as a second step to deepen the collective understanding of feminist economics and to develop the international articulation of feminist thought and practice. The exercise aims to create unity and strengthen the global representation of feminist organizations around feminist alternatives. Different views on the role of women in agriculture will be shared in the training, which will be held by the “Elkana” Biological Farms Association in the Akhaltsikhe municipality of Georgia, in the “Grain Ship” region. Since 1994, the “Elkana” association has been working towards bio-production, agroecology, and biodiversity conservation, promoting the preservation of endemic wheat and grain varieties and free distribution among the population. The main topic of the training will be built on the relationship between agroecology and feminism and the role of women on farms.