World March of Women in support of Palestine

On Saturday 07/10/2023, the Palestinian resistance carried out a military operation with the aim of continuing the Palestinian resistance in the battle of recovering the stolen Palestinian lands. Resistance is the only option available to liberate Palestine, thus repositioning the Palestinian cause as a central issue of the people and women of Palestine.

The Palestinian people have the right to restore all of Palestine, which has been suffering under Zionist occupation for decades, and to establish their independent state in it with Jerusalem as its capital.

The World March of Women-MENA calls on all free men and women of the world to stand alongside the Palestinian people, while we remember the massacres carried out by the Zionist enemy against our people in Palestine in Deir Yassin, Kafr Qasem, Khan Yunis, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and others; along with hundreds of thousands of people whose lands were stolen, and were displaced from their homes.

The World March of Women recognizes the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to resist the Zionist occupation, and to refuse the bias of international policies supporting this colonial entity.

The World March of Women in the MENA region denounces the racist crimes, massacres and genocide of children, women and the Palestinian people in general, committed by the occupation forces and their colonial gangs, in addition to the political arrests, forced displacement, isolation, confiscation of land, and demolition of homes and communities.

The World March of Women in our region expresses

– Its principled and absolute support for the Palestinian resistance in its battle for liberation and self-determination.

– Raise the banner of victory for the Palestinian popular resistance, which constituted a strategic shift in the forms of its struggle and reversed the equation of the conflict with the Zionist enemy.

– Its denouncing of the aggressive stances of the imperialist powers led by the United States of America, their blatant bias towards the Zionist entity, and their military support for it.

– Calls on all popular movements supporting the liberation of peoples and all free people in the world to support the Palestinian people to recover their lands and rights, to stand with the Palestinian resistance, and to put pressure on the imperialist powers and governments that support the Zionist aggression on the Palestinian territories, to immediately stop the ongoing brutal aggression against the Palestinian people and against the women and children of Palestine, and to support their struggle to establish their independent national state.

The World March of Women – North Africa and the Middle East