International feminist Solidarity with Palestine: The WMW war on gaza newsletter

International feminist Solidarity with Palestine: The WMW war on gaza newsletter *

For more than 45 days, the genocidal Israeli war on Gaza has resulted in more than 12000 deaths, the majority of which are children and babies. Images of the war, the women, children and babies, as well as videos and recordings -from young gazans turned journalists, as well as a number of professional journalists who became the voice of the people and their eyes, despite ongoing threats to their lives- have been our only connection to what is going on inside Gaza, due to the complete media blackout imposed by the israeli occupation. 

Until now, more than 4000 women have been killed, and a much bigger number of children and newborns, while the official numbers are not out yet, due to the extent of destruction and death. 

While the strongest bombings have been taking place in Gaza, Lebanon has also been in war, whereas flights have been suspended due to the violent ongoing Israeli attacks on its southern region. More than 45000 people have been displaced due to the attacks, while more than 4.5 million m2 of forest lands have been burnt, in addition to more than 40000 olive trees, and the killing of more than 15 civilians. 

Meanwhile, the only real pressure for a ceasefire has been coming from movements, women, communities of indigenous and free people around the world. 

In accordance with the actions of anticolonial movements around the world, the World March of Women published a declaration in support of the Palestinian people, and another on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25th of November), in which we announced our rights to defend our lands, bodies, labor, and waters, in Palestine and everywhere.

The WMW’s NCBs around the world have conducted a series of actions and events, to show their solidarity with palestine, and demand a ceasefire to the ongoing zionist genocide. Concurrently, the NCBs’ actions and events for the 25th of November were all directed towards supporting Palestinian women and the call for a ceasefire. 


1- The participation of Ms. Razika Kheddar and Ms. Hayat Ait Abba, members of the Algerian NCB, in the event organized by South Feminist Futures, on November 3, 2023 via zoom.

This meeting aimed to bring together anti-racist and anti-colonial feminists to share perspectives on how they can contribute to the global struggle for Palestinian liberation, but also the fight against racism, imperialism and colonial apartheid.

During this meeting, discussions focused on the following aspects:

· Identifying feminist strategies to support the liberation of the Palestinian people;

· The effect of militarization and armament on the Palestinian people, particularly women and children

· The effect of imperialism on Palestinian women

· Decolonization and disarmament

· The education of young feminists in information analysis

· Analysis of the prevailing global discourse relating to the Palestinian cause and resistance.

2- A declaration in support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, from the Algerian NCB on November 4, 2023

3- The participation of Ms. Aouicha Bakhti, in the march organized in Algiers in solidarity with Palestine (Lawyers’ Block)


The WWM in Brazil encourages other WMW’s committees and groups  throughout the country to join initiatives for political acts of solidarity and denunciation of the war against the Palestinian people. In regions like São Paulo, Aracaju, Maceió, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Manaus, Recife, the MMF joined the calls of allied movements such as ALBA, La Vía Campesina and the Assembly popular internationally, to also produce and publish a series of videos in which they denounce the situation of women and all those affected by the war


“The World March of Women of Brazil expresses its international solidarity with all the Palestinian people, in particular with Palestinian women, who resist the segregation, siege and militarization imposed by the alliance between the State of Israel and North American imperialism. The current Israeli offensive in Gaza has displaced more than 120,000 Palestinians and has already cost tens of thousands of lives in the two territories. It is not possible to establish peace in this region without justice and without recognizing all the treaties to which Israel has never subscribed.

We denounce that the conflict has no balance and that it is a violent occupation. On the one hand, there is a people who have been fighting and resisting for decades and who benefit from the international solidarity of those who also fight against imperialism. On the other hand, there is a state which benefits from the connivance and financing of other powerful states, such as the United States and Great Britain, and which carries out the violent occupation of a territory, generating numerous benefits for certain economic sectors, notably that of the arms industry.

We do not believe in a militarized solution, but we understand the armed reaction of a people who are experiencing a historical process of massacre and oppression. We reaffirm our fight for the right to self-determination, so that people can decide their future in peace and democracy.

Free and sovereign Palestine now!” 


Despite the oppressive Indian government and the resulting censorship on activists and organizers concerning the war on Palestine, the newly formed and very active India NCB organized an event to talk about Palestine, share sorrows and hopes, and express all their support to the Palestinian people. 

“On this day, we shared our pain at the cruelty witnessed every day in Gaza from the news reports and our dismay at the inability and unwillingness of world leaders to stop this war.

We made a promise that the people of Palestine will never be forgotten, and their bravery and courage will always stay with us.


We also expressed solidarity for the people of Israel who oppose the war and the current regime.

Hope we find light at the end of the darkest tunnel, soon.”

Basque Country

Thousands of people took to the streets in Donostia on Saturday afternoon in defense of the rights of the people of Palestine, in an image that has been repeated in other cities around the world since Israel began retaliation against the Gaza Strip two weeks ago following Hamas attacks. The massive march has been promoted by the Gernika-Palestine initiative, which seeks to express solidarity by remembering the Nazi bombing of 1937.


On the 4th of November, the Indonisian NCB in Jakarta published a statement entitled “ stop war and genocide, solidarity for women and girls in Palestine.” The statement starts with an overview of the situation in Gaza before the 7th of October, where for more than 17 years “people in Gaza  have been living under a land, air and sea blockade by the illegal policies of the Israeli government, this has  caused more than 1 million people, half of whom are children, have to facing food, water and energy crises who need humanitarian assistance to survive.”

Finally, the NCB, while condemning the genocide committed by the israeli government, demanding a ceasefire, the opening of humanitarian aid routes for residents in Gaza, and the protection of Palestinian People’s rights.


The Lebanese NCB has been deeply involved in this war, not only through its activities, but also through the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon, where a number of its members have been forced to flee their villages and lands due to the ongoing Israeli bombing.


Meanwhile, the NCB organized a series of events, including the production of visuals, publishing a list of books in arabic and english to educate people about the Palestinian cause, a demonstration in Beirut, and an event in the Feminist Library Mayli, where a whole day was dedicated to reading texts about palestine, and watching a series of documentaries about the palestinian struggle. This was a very important event for women, housewives, and young women, as they expressed their happiness in such an event, due to the almost impossibility to join demonstrations, either because the demonstrations are in Beirut (the trip takes more than 3 hrs in the bus) or because of a certain fear and stigma concerning political demonstrations.

Additionally, the NCB is currently producing a series of infographics and visuals on the intersectionality of agroecology, reproductive and psychological health, and the liberation of palestine. 


The MENA region published a statement in support of the Palestinian people and its right to resist, calling women around the world to support Palestine in face of the ongoing genocide. “For 75 years, the Palestinian territories have been under the authority of the Zionist occupation, while its people have suffered and are suffering from displacement, killing, captivity, enforced disappearance, torture, and starvation, from which not even children are spared.  In the face of this situation, the Palestinian people have the right to defend their homeland in order to liberate their land and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Furthermore, the MENA region expressed “its absolute support for the Palestinian resistance in its battle for liberation and self-determination; its appreciation for the strategic shift of the Palestinian popular resistance; its denunciation of the aggressive stances of the imperialist powers led by the United States of America and their blatant bias towards the Zionist entity and their military support for it, and finally condemning the use of internationally banned weapons, especially phosphorus, against unarmed civilians.”

It finally called for women and peoples of the world to “support the Palestinian people to recover their lands and rights; pressure on the imperialist powers and governments that support the Zionist aggression on the Palestinian territories in order to immediately stop the ongoing brutal aggression against the Palestinian people, especially against women and children; to open the border crossings in order to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, and finally to support the struggle of the Palestinian people to establish their independent national state.”


Through a press conference, the Philippines NCB, along with local groups, launched an anti-war network, calling for a permanent ceasefire in Palestine. 


Activists from the World March of Women mobilized on November 4th during a rally in Quebec (city) and Quebec (province) organized by the Collective of Quebec for Peace. The rally continued with a march during which a stop was made in front of the federal deputy’s office to drop off stuffed animals and children’s shoes. There were also actions in Montreal organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement Montreal. Activists from the World March of Women were present on this day of action in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The demonstrators called for an immediate ceasefire and denounced Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

South africa

Based on our beliefs that Women movements have historically been central to the struggles against oppression, discrimination, colonialism and militarism, and in response to Israel’s criminal genocide in Gaza, the World March of Women’s South African NCB, along with activists and civil society organisations, condemned Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza since the 7th of October. 

The NCB participated in organized street actions where it expressed its solidarity with people in Gaza and called to cut all links of state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel, as was done against apartheid South Africa

It also condemned the prohibition of food, water and electricity and the attempt to forcibly transfer over 1 million Gazans away from their land and homes. 

The South African NCB condemned this unjustified war on Hospitals, schools, roads, and homes, and the targeting of civilians especially children and women.  

On the 11th November 2023, NCB members Wilhelmina Trout and Suraya Jawooden participated in this street demonstration in Cape Town.

On the 14th October 2023, NCB member kaouther Abbes and sympathizers from SASCO and other organizations, participated at the March held at University of Free state in Bloemfontein, in solidarity with Gaza. 


The Tanzanian NCB published a short statement demanding stopping the killing of Palestinians, highlighting the ongoing attacks on palestinian people’s rights and access to water, food, fuel, medical supply and electricity.

The Tanzanian NCB conveyed its “solidarity with innocent citizens whose lives have been torn apart”, while demanding “Israel to stop the on-going killings in Palestine; and urging Israel to open humanitarian aid routes for Gaza residents; and wishing Human rights to be observed to all people in Palestine.”


Visit the interviews and articles published on the struggle of the Palestinian people and women on the Capire portal: