World March of Women Mourns the Loss of Esteemed Sister Naama Nsiri

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our esteemed sister Naama Nsiri, a valued member of our international committee representing the MENA region. Naama’s unwavering dedication to women’s and human rights, coupled with her sincere compassion, made a profound impact on our movement. Her memory and steadfast commitment to the struggle will forever illuminate our path and inspire our continued efforts for justice and equality until all women are free. 

Dear Naama,

Your family, your loved ones, your comrades in the struggle and all those who loved you are here today to pay tribute to you. We are here, gathered at this moment, to say goodbye. You left before us, far too soon, and you remind us that here on earth, our lives are nothing compared to the folly of human beings.

We are very happy to have shared a part of your life with you. You who had the art of cultivating friendship, good humor, militancy and commitment to just causes, your presence, my dear sister Naama, made all these moments joyful and unique. How can we forget them, when they are such an integral part of who we are? You were a loyal and generous friend, a companion with whom we learned so much, and a unique person whom we would continue to cherish until our last breath.

Your departure leaves a huge void in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved you.
Today, we pledge to you to be worthy of your struggle, to defend just causes and to stand up for all the oppressed in this world.

Rest in peace Naama,
We love you

Your Sisters from the World March of Women