WMW International Committee Holds Its First Internal Training in Edremit, Turkey

WMW International Committee Holds Its First Internal Training in Edremit, Turkey

Edremit, Turkey – The World March of Women (WMW) International Committee recently concluded its first internal training session held in Balıkesir, Turkey, from May 7th to May 9th. This historic three-day event, hosted by the Turkey National Coordinating Body (NCB), saw the participation of 33 participants, including members from the Turkish NCB.

On the first day of training, participants delved into the collective history of WMW’s grassroots feminism, reflecting on key milestones achieved over the movement’s 25-year history within various political contexts. Discussions encompassed the movement’s principles, values, collectively drafted key documents, international campaigns, and the international structure of WMW. Sandra Morán, who coordinated the International Feminist Organizing School, shared insights into her experiences during this session.

The second day focused on the construction of the WMW movement itself, exploring how sisters can develop as political subject. The role of communication in disseminating messages and expanding membership within the movement was examined, alongside discussions on interpretation and language justice. Videos featuring insights from Morgan Ody of La Via Campesina and Emma Jayne of Friends of the Earth emphasized the importance of global solidarity and alliance-building part of movement building proces.

The culmination of the training occurred on the third day, with a solidarity visit to Gökçeyazı Village in Balıkesir, alongside Turkey’s National Coordination member and the Kazdağı Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Association. Here, participants met with local women engaged in resistance against mining activities threatening their lands and livelihoods. The visit provided a platform for exchanging experiences and amplifying the voices of women resisting environmental degradation, exploitation and extractivism.

The Committee’s efforts underscore a collective commitment to challenging profit-driven practices that lead to land occupation, extractivism, labor exploitation, and environmental degradation across the globe. This internal training marks a significant milestone for WMW’s ongoing efforts to foster global solidarity in the pursuit of better world. 

Following the training, the International Committee will work for a four-day meeting to strategize and prepare for upcoming international actions aimed at strengthening solidarity worldwide.