International solidarity with the people of Colombia

The World March of Women together with the International Peoples’ Assembly and the Continental Journey for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, joins the declarations of solidarity with the Colombian people, social movements, unions and organizations, which since April 28 have taken to the streets in a national strike, protesting against the package of neoliberal reforms proposed by the current government of Ivan Duque, which involve labor, tax and public health reform.

With the health crisis, these reforms further deepen the social, political and economic situation of the country. And in response, the government has responded by criminalising and militarising the legitimate protests of the Colombian people.

The notes are in Spanish and English and can be read below:

International Peoples’ Assembly – IPA: All our internationalist solidarity to the people of Colombia (EN)

Continental Journey for Democracy and against Neoliberalism: Support to the mobilization in Colombia (ES)