April 24 – WMW in the Eat NATO for Breakfast #12 with Ruba Odeh, Bushra Khaliq and Yildiz Temürtürkan

In view of the day of international feminist solidarity against the power of transnational corporations, Yildiz Temürtürkan (IS Coordinator), Ruba odeh (WMW Palestine and MENA IC member) and Bushra Khaliq (WMW Pakistan and Asia IC Member) from World March of Women participated in the program Eat NATO for Breakfast.

Eat NATO for Breakfast It’s a regular Saturday morning educational program brought to you by https://peacesummitmadrid.org and https://peoplesdispatch.org to inform you on what NATO is, details of NATO‘s upcoming agenda, NATO‘s impact on peoples and environment, NATO‘s history and its purpose.

With war, there will always be those who profit, as well as the movements that fight them. In this episode they talk about the interests behind supporting militarization and war: the transnational corporations that exploit natural resources and the war and border industry. They will also share our proposals and visions for a peaceful future from a feminist perspective:

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