18th Feb: International Webinar – World Day of Solidarity with Saharawi Women

February 18 is a day of struggle for women around the world committed to the struggle for sovereignty and people’s power. It is the World Day of Solidarity with Saharawi Women. The Saharawi people have been resisting the violent occupation of their territory by Morocco for decades.

To commemorate this day, the World March of Women invites you to the International Webinar on the World Day of Solidarity with Saharawi Women. We will listen to our Saharawi sisters and also from South Africa and Cuba.

On that day we will also launch a special video produced by WMW Western Sahara activists and the Capire portal.

DATE: February 18, 2023
TIME: Western Sahara – 16:00

Guatemala – 9:00 // Quebec – 10:00 // Chile – 12:00 // Côte d’Ivoire – 15:00
Spain, Tunisia – 16:00 // Palestine, South Africa – 17:00 // Turkey, Iraq, Tanzania – 18:00
Pakistan – 20:00 // Nepal – 20:45 // Philippines – 23:00
(Or to confirm your time zone use the link: https://time.is/compare)

Registration: bit.ly/WMW-webinar-18_02_23

Interpretation in Spanish, English and French

We also share two materials to reinforce reflection on the topic:

A special WMW material on the struggles in Western Sahara that can be used in training spaces in groups and NCBs:

ES – https://marchemondiale.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/ES-Saharawi-v5.pdf
EN – https://marchemondiale.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/ENG-Saharawi-V7.pdf
FR – https://marchemondiale.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/FR-Saharawi-v5.pdf

Interview with Chaba Seni (WMW Western Sahara and National Union of Saharawi Women) for the Capire portal:

ES – https://capiremov.org/es/entrevista-es/hasta-que-nuestros-territorios-sean-libres/
EN – https://capiremov.org/en/interview/until-our-territories-are-free/
FR – https://capiremov.org/fr/entrevue/jusqua-ce-que-nos-territoires-soient-libres/

We will continue to march until our territories are free!